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Want a chance to win $200 and get your fire verse featured on Psalm91's new track "Go Away"?

Follow the contest rules below to ensure your entry is accepted! Good luck to all the applicants and God bless you!


1) All submissions must be family friendly

     - No profanity, no sexual references, no inappropriate drug, alcohol or partying references. 

     - The only drug, alcohol or partying references acceptable will be those that explain why they will never bring you true happiness.


2) All applicants must first pay the $10 submission fee before submitting a verse.

     - After fee is paid make sure to screenshot the payment receipt for your records and also take

note of the date and payment reference number.

     - The track will not be sent to you unless you can provide proof of payment.

4) When fee is paid and you are done you will need to record a video or audio of your verse and upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #psalm91official200 in the description.

5) Contest winner will be chosen by Psalm91.

     - Submission views or shares WILL NOT better your chances.

     - Applicants credentials or status in the music industry WILL NOT better your chances.

     - Being a personal friend or family member of Psalm91 WILL NOT better your chances.

6) All submissions must be paid for and posted on Facebook by (September 1st, 2021)

     - Entries will no longer be accepted after this date.

     - Winner will be chosen and announced 2 weeks after (September 1st, 2021)

7) Winner must have access to a studio to record their verse and send all vocals to Psalm91.

     - If you don't have access to a free studio please don't submit.

     - We don't recommend paying for studio time in the event your submission isn't chosen.

     - Unfortunately even if you win, we will not be able to pay for your studio time.

8) The winner will need to provide high quality vocals for final mix and mastering of the song.

     - Although cellphone or cheap mic vocals are acceptable for submissions, they will not work if you are chosen as the winner. If you win but are unable to provide quality vocals please rethink submitting for the contest.

9) All applicants/winner will be allowed to use their version of the song for "free non-profit usage" after Psalm91 has officially released the song on all digital purchase/download/streaming platforms.  That means free download or mixtape placement is acceptable.  Release of your version of the song before Psalm91 releases the final version is strictly prohibited.

     - Applicant/winner will NOT be able to release their version for profitable distribution ei: CDbaby, Distro Kid, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play etc...

     - Applicant/winner will NOT be able to claim royalties for this song through your Royalty Collection Society (ASCAP, BMI etc...)

Please Remember

This is a contest and there can only be 1 winner.  Psalm91 is very familiar with buying into contests and not winning.  We in no way want you to leave this contest feeling mad, upset or angry so if you feel not winning might stir up these feelings please reconsider entering.  This is a friendly competition and absolutely all contest profits will go to the Calvary Chapel Church in Buhl, Idaho. 

The winner will be sent $200 via Paypal after final vocals are sent to Psalm91.

By clicking the Paypal "Buy  Now" button below you agree to all contest rules stated above.

With that being said, Lets Do This!

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